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Geek Fight: The Card Game

What is Geek Fight? Geek Fight is a card game that takes a closer look at geek fights, those "reasonable discussions" you have with your friends about which science fiction franchise is better or which survival strategy is best for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. Of course, sometimes you wish you could do more than just talk...

Geek Fight brings your favorite geeky archetypes into the arena and equips them with overpriced collectibles (some of which are NRFB !) and makes them earn their geek cred the hard way. Unleash your geek rage using chainmaille hacky sacks and video game accessories, while keeping your health up by consuming ultra nutritious ramen noodles . Just don't go rage quitting on us!

Geek Fight is a card game that is easy enough to pick up for people that have never played a CCG, while at the same time having enough strategy and nuance to keep even the most experienced players interested. Do you want to know the best part? Geek Fight is not sold in random packs. Even better is the fact that card for card Geek Fight is much easier on your wallet than other games. Now you just have to worry about out thinking your opponents, instead of out spending them.

We are constantly looking into adding more subgenres of geekery to Geek Fight, and being such a small company we can do so with great speed (DEMOlition was created from scratch in 30 days). We take fan input quite seriously, so if you have any card ideas feel free to contact us.

Geek Fight: The Card Game
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A hilarious tongue in cheek card game made by gamers, for gamers, and about gamers. You know you want some.

"Finally, something I can actually
afford to obsess over!"
--Fan Boy

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