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What happens when you take a roomful of overzealous convention geeks and equip them with boffer swords, shields made out of keyboards, and an unquenchable thirst for blood? Geek Fight, the new Business Card Game (BCG) by Diving Dragon Games! Explore your wildest fantasies by pitting your favorite convention stereotypes against each other in a gladiatorial melee of legendary proportions.

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New Project
10 July 2012, Charon

Hello everyone!

If you have been wondering why I have been a bit absent lately, it is because I have been in the workshop tinkering around with a new project. (Don't worry, Geek Fight will also be moving forward)

I have figured out how to make custom artwork card sleeves, and I ended up launching a Kickstarter project for them that took up more of my time than a full time job (huzzah for constantly prototyping!). Now that the project has been sucessfully funded (and then some) I have time to send out the Geek Fight back orders while I wait on materials to come in.

Sorry for the lack of communication, but this ended up taking off faster than I anticipated and I could barely keep up. The good news is that the people that will be buying the sleeves are also potential Geek Fight customers, which means more sets are on the horizon!

That concludes today's infodump. Off to sending out back orders!

Shop Issues
08 March 2012, Charon

For the time being it looks like there are shop issues. No data has been lost and all of the databases have been backed up. I will be talking with our hosting company to find out what the issue is. All of the configuration files are set properly, so this is odd. Wish me luck.

Geek Fight on Kickstarter
06 February 2012, Charon

Once again it is time for me to chime in with a new update! There is not much news, but the news that we do have is pretty big.

First off, we are working on getting a couple of new sets printed, as well as reprinting Beta Edition as Beta Edition Redux (errata and the new card layout will be on these cards).

The new sets that we are printing include a currently nameless set based on anime culture, and a set based on a couple of awesome metal bands. More info on that in the future (or on our Kickstarter page).

Like I said in the title, we have launched a Kickstarter project in order to fund the printing of these sets. You can find Geek Fight on Kickstarter here. There are a lot of nice premiums, including freebies if we reach certain levels of exposure. You know you want some shiny things.

Well that is all of the news that I have for your today. Look forward to some more updates as this project moves forward.

Shop and Landing Page Updates
30 December 2011, Charon

Hello again everyone. Time to bring you up to speed on some of the new changes.

First and foremost, we have a new landing page for Geek Fight. You can see that right here.

Secondly, I have finally been able to retrieve the services page. I know that might not mean much to most of you, but if anyone would like to sponsor a Geek Fight card or commission a custom promo card you can go here.

Finally, the shop has gone through some serious upgrades. Not only have we updated the visuals, but we have even been able to fix the international shipping plugin! There is also a promotion to get a promo card with your order (yet another reason to pick up DEMOlition. Check out the updates in the shop

More Site Updates!
14 December 2011, Charon

Okay, so there have been quite a few things going on in the last week or so. One of the most important things is that we have finally gotten around to putting up the page for DEMOlition. You can find that, as well as the gallery for the set, right here. I am going to be adding the packs of DEMOlition to the shop by next week

Also, due to some glitches on the site the databases for the old forums have been lost to us forever. Of course, that is actually a blessing in disguise. Those forums were not only dead, but they were riddled with spam bots.

The new forum are for the site is a little bit more intricate than our old software. It is a socail networking service called BuddyPress that is built on top of the reliable WordPress engine. I am in the middle of adding all of the features I would like and tweaking some that are giving me issues. It is active now, and you can go ahead and log in using your Facebook and Twitter accounts (it even automatically generates an account for you). There is an achievement system installed that we will be using to allow you all to earn promo cards. Almost time to make it look pretty.

I think I have rambled on enough now. Quite the update, if I do say so myself.

11 November 2011, Charon

Well everyone, a new set has finally hit print! I am proud to announce DEMOlition. I will be getting the full spoiler up on the site next week. Stay tuned.

Also, we have some new errata in the rules. You can find the pdf of the new rules here. Of course, one little rule slipped past us, and that is the rule for the keyword "Detect". It is only mentioned on two cards so far, and all it means is that as long as a card is in play or in a discard pile, you can detect it.

That is all I have to say for now. Like always, you can get more up to date news from our Twitter and Facebook pages. You can find those links in the entry below this one. I am also about to start work on a Google+ page for Geek Fight, though their business pages are a bit underwhelming at the moment.

Updates of Epic Proportions
5 October 2011, Charon

Okay everyone, the time has come to once again leave my burrow. This time it may end up being more of a permanent development. We have started getting a lot of momentum, and this time we are being handed the means to harness it.

One of the new things we have is a how to play video made for us by a couple of fans. You can see that video here:

How to Play

We also have a few updates that are not quite ready yet. Among these are a new layout for the shop (as well as fixing the international shipping issue), a better interface for te site (that way I can make updates easier), a new set due to hit print in a little over a week, a convention appearance in the near future (more on that front in the future), and a new celeb ally or two.

I still will not be updating the site as often as I would like, but fear not! You can still follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for the most up to date information. Here are those links:



Let's hope it will not be too long until our next update.

Geek Fight and Social Networks
6 June 2010, Charon

I just wanted to let everyone know that Geek Fight actually has a presence on some of the social networks in this vast series of tubes we find ourselves addicted to. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and I have even blown the dust and cobwebs off of our MySpace page. I am also always on the hunt for the next big social network, so there will always be a way to get fast updates (unlike on our actual website...).

Here are the links so that you can friend/follow/like/stalk us:





We also have a YouTube channel, and I will probably share that once we have some videos to share. May some of the training variety.

Massive Update Time
18 May 2010,

Hello again. I am finally able to come out of hiding and let everyone know what new things are going on here at DDG.

First on the list of new things: the new set is just about ready to move to print! The best part is that since we have taken over control of the printing operation, we will not have to worry about annoying delays. It will take a little over a week for all of the cards to get back to us from the printer.

With this next set we will also be including the latest version of the Geek Fight rules. There have been no drastic changes, but they will be a lot easier to understand for the non-hardcore gamers among us. The new rules will also be available on the site.

I am going to be sitting down with a friend of mine to work on making some how to play videos as well. These have been requested often, and we even have a place on the site for them, but I have not had access to the video equipment to make a decent video. If all goes well, you may also see a teaser of a new product in the video. You will just have to wait to find out.

Finally, I just want to let everyone know that there are not only some new promos coming, but even a few more sets in the works. Not only do we have the relatively secret set coming in the near future, but we also have 3 more in the design stages as I am writing this. Geek Fight is finally building up momentum, and I will not let it slip away!

Yes, we're still here!
16 November 2009, Charon

I just wanted to chime in and say "sorry for not updating". Things have been very busy for all of us here at Diving Dragon Games since the last set came in. What have we been up to? Well not only did we bust our butts getting all of the orders out, keeping up with classes and working our day jobs, but we have also been hard at work coming up with new cards and products for you to enjoy.

I am proud to announce that the third set in the great game of Geek Fight is in development. I will not go into much detail right now, but I will tell you that we are hoping to meet a January release date and we are NOT having a pre-sale (never again...). This time we are also getting a bit of help when it comes to order fulfillment. There will be more than just three guys sending these beasts out.

One last thing. I have started a blog to let everyone in on what goes on behind the scenes. If you have ever been interested in the ins and outs of game design, marketing, and business (or if you are just bored), swing over to Charon's Dev Blog.

Still Mailing Out Orders
25 July 2009, Voslyn

Hey Guys, We're still processing and shipping orders as fast as we can. It's only 2 of us (about to be 3) so it's fairly slow going but we're putting in long hours so that we can get everything out ASAP!

We have run into a few snags with the way paypal handles international orders (with regards to shipping) but we've cleaned most of that up and we should start shipping out international mailers very soon.

And if you live in the Chicago area then you have a chance to meet the creative genius behind Geek Fight. Kalan "Charon" Vazquez will be hosting a demo at ChicagoLand Games: Dice Dojo this coming Friday starting at 6 pm Central time. Be there!

Orders are Going Out!
3 July 2009, Voslyn

Hooray!! We're finally shipping out orders!

The time has finally come. We are giving everyone fair warning right now, wear sunglasses if need be, use a mirror and a pair of surgical gloves when opening your Geek Fight deckbox for the first time... we will NOT be held responsible if your head explodes because you did not take precautionary measures when opening your cards!

Seriously though, the product is looking superb, the cards, the deckboxes, everything right down to the display boxes. Check out the pictures below: (these pictures are pretty sweet but they don't look near as good as the real thing!)

So Many Decks!

Display Box standin' there lookin' like a badass.

This is what will be in your mailbox soon. (unless you haven't ordered!)

The decks are super cool, but we've got some more super cool stuff on the horizon including an upgraded Geek Fight tutorial video featuring a special guest, a sneak preview of the next chapter in the Geek Fight saga, and much much more! So make sure you check back here regularly and keep up with the Geek Fight Forums for the latest news!

Also, Be sure to visit the forum for more product pictures and pictures of the shipment.

Printing Complete, Packaging in Progress!
20 June 2009, Voslyn

Hola Geek Fighters! The printing has finally been finished! A couple of snags caused things to be delayed a few weeks longer than expected, but the cards are done and looking great.

Our printer is collating and packaging the cards as we speak (or at the time of this post anyways). We expect to be shipping out orders very soon!

Printing in Progress!
31 May 2009, Voslyn

Hey guys, our print order has been placed. Unfortunately our printer is a little behind schedule with Geek Fight set 2: The Final Battle, but that being said it is nearly complete (They are only about 2 days behind schedule, so no big deal). Keep your hats on Geek Fight fans, Geek Fight: the Final Battle cards will be in your hands before you know it!

Geek Fight Goes to Print!
16 May 2009, Charon

Wassup Geek Fight Fans! The cards are scheduled to be printed on Tuesday. The sample cards are looking really good and we know you guys will be very pleased with them. It won't be long before they start shipping out, so get ready!

On another note, I have included some exclusive behind the scenes video of me, Kalan "Charon" Vazquez showing off my headbanging skills at the Nerd / Critic meet-&-greet two weeks ago. The meeting went really well and I had a chance to discuss business with James and Doug (the Nerd and Critic), and more importantly I got to goof off with the geeky celebs themselves. Check out the dance compilation below.

"Music Make you Lose Control" Dance Compilation:

Don't forget to stop by the forums and introduce yourself.

Beta Edition Temporarily Sold Out!
6 May 2009, Voslyn

Hola Geek Fight fans! We just sold out of our stock of Beta Edition cards. We will let you know when we have more in stock and available for purchase.

We also wanted to let everyone know that we are still on schedule to have orders in the mail by sometime in the middle of May. Keep your hats on, the cards are looking super nice!

We still have plenty of Limited Edition Foil Nerd and Critic cards available if you order a Geek Fight set 2 prerelease pack! Also be sure to register for the forums and get in on the Geek Fight discussion today!

Release Date Set for Mid-May!
16 April 2009, Voslyn

Hey guys! The release date is finally set (albeit softly) for sometime in the middle of may. We've accumulated enough money to cover the printing costs (thanks in large part to the pre-orders made by you guys) and now it's just a matter of a few short weeks to finish getting things together. Thanks again Geek Fight fans and you should be getting your cards soon!

Make sure you visit the shop now to reserve your copies of the Limited Edition FOIL Nerd and Critic cards!

Nerd and Critic Post Geekfight Videos!
21 March 2009, Voslyn

We just wanted to post these redonkulously awesomical videos for your viewing pleasure Geekfight Fans. If you have never heard of the Nerd or Critic then you are in for a treat! If you have heard of them, then you probably aren't reading this because you've already clicked play!

The Nostalgia Critic Promotes Geekfight:

The Angry Video Game Nerd: V-Day mention:

Make sure you stop by the forums to discuss these superdupertastic videos with the Geek Fight creators.

Forums are back online.
19 February 2009, Voslyn

Hey Geek Fighters,

I'm sure many of you noticed that our forums have been down. Well unfortunately our old forums have died. The good news is that we've got a brand new forum up and running and awaiting your comments and flames! Click here or click forums at the top of the page to chat with fellow Geek Fight fans including the Diving Dragon Games staff!

Big Announcement: Nerd on Critic Action!
11 February 2009, Surfeit

Diving Dragon Games, in association with James D. Rolfe of Cinemassacre and Doug Walker of That Guy with the Glasses, is pleased to announce the second set of Geek Fight cards!

Set 2 will immortalize the epic rivalry between the Angry Video Game Nerd (Rolfe) and the Nostalgia Critic (Walker) in a card game that you control! Root for your favorite cyber-reviewer and even customize your deck to include cards from other Geek Fight sets.

Each set is sold in fixed two-deck bundles: for a single fee, you'll receive both the Angry Video Game Nerd and the Nostalgia Critic decks, each ready to play. Preorder sales begin today, so visit the Geek Fight Shop to get in the action! This is BIG, folks--bigger than that pesky wart on your left big toe!

UPDATE (9:05 EST): Success! We've finally worked out the bugs in our shipping calculator, so the store is live. Now there should be nothing stopping you from ordering! (Well, unless you're afraid of having fun.) PLEASE NOTE: If you are an international customer, please make sure to select the international shipping option at checkout!

Countdown to Release!
28 January 2009, Voslyn

The Set 2 Release is less than a month off! *insert clock-ticking noises here*

Okay so a month may still be a little ways off, but we here at Diving Dragon Games have been waiting more than a year for this so we are really excited about it! We've made quite a few changes to the look and functionality of the cards. These changes are very much for the better and you all can look forward to some graphics in a week or two as we approach the release date.

Also, for those of you who noticed the recent forum crash, we just wanted to let you know that the problem was not with the forum but rather with the server that we were using to host our forum software. We'll be moving everything over to our home server this week so we should be up and running in no time.

Geek Fight - 2nd Set Release Date
13 January 2009, Voslyn

Hey Geek Fighters,

I know you all have been on pins and needles, anxiously awaiting this moment.

We've finally got a release date set! We will be making the announcement about the "Geek Celebrities" that we have partnered up with in early February. And if everything goes as planned, we will be releasing the new set in February. Stay tuned for the latest on the Geek Fight release!

(If you're looking for more info you're likely to find it in one of the following places: The Forums, Geek Fight on Facebook, Kalan's Blog, or if all else fails you can Contact Us.)

Geek Fight Release on Track
03 January 2009, Voslyn

Hola Geek Fighters!

We apologize for the lack of updates to the front page of the site. We want to assure you all however that we are working tirelessly on the production and release of set 2 (set 2 is named but the name cannot be revealed). We are done with the playtesting and we have all of the art. We are in the process of working everything out with our ginormous nerd-celeb sponsor guys prior to the release.

Actually, We have recently entered the early stages of development on our third set! We'll release more information on set 3 after set 2 has been released.

We have also secured a designated printer who can do everything we need them to do in one place. This will make sure that our future releases go smoothly and get released quickly.

Fear not guys, everything is going exaaaactly as planned... mwahaha.. muahahaHa MUahHAHAHAHAHHAHaaaaaah...!

(edit: Oh yeah, Happy new year :P)

Geek Fight goes to NerdACon
18 November 2008, Voslyn

Geek Fight creator Kalan "Charon" Vazquez will be attending geek fight free packs in hand and Rainbow Afro on head (minus the Afro). If you are in the Georgia area and you are planning on attending NerdACon, look for Kalan and you can get your hands on some free packs. If you don't know what Kalan looks like then look at the top of this page (goatee and long black hair). NerdACon is this Friday, November 21st.

Brokaw mentions Geek Fight on National Public Radio!!
16 November 2008, Voslyn

BROKAWGeek Fight was mentioned yesterday on National Public Radio! By Tom Brokaw!

National Public Radio has a weekly radio show called "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" where celebrities and popular news icons come on the show to answer trivia questions and quizzes. The goal is to see if you the listener can guess what is real news and what is made up (methinks the real goal of the show is general silliness!). On this weeks show (Host: Peter Sagal, Judge: Carl Kasell, Guest: BROKAW) Tom Brokaw was a guest on the segment called "Not My Job," and about nine minutes into the quiz the following question came up.

Just this year, 2008, a game was released which brought a kindof realism to the collectible card game genre, it is...
A. High School (in which players take on the personas of actually popular kids)
B. Geek Fight (in which players take on the roll of players attending a game convention)
C. Cubicle Drone (in which players vie for minor promotions for corner offices in an office environment)

Tom Brokaw confidently and correctly answered B Geek Fight! You can listen to the show here on the "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me" website (click listen to the show near the top of the page, we're mentioned about nine minutes into the "Not My Job" segment).

Little known Brokaw fact (according to the host, Peter Sagal) Brokaw and Chris Matthews pass the time playing Geek Fight whenever they aren't anchoring a newscast! It's possible he could have been kidding, but we here at DDG games prefer to think of Tom Brokaw as one of us... Click Here to read more about Geek Fight, or Click here to do some Geek Fighting!

Get in on some Geek Fight!
7 November 2008, Voslyn

geek fight card gameGreetings and beatings to the Geek Fight faithful and the newcomers alike. It has been a little while since our last update, but I just wanted to assure you that we have been tirelessly working to crank out our second set. Unfortunately the name of set 2 must remain strictly confidential as we are not yet ready to release the name of the super-famous geek that we are partnering with! But I will say this, he’s $%&#ING HILARIOUS!

But there is no need to wait for the release of “SET 2” (insert suspenseful music here), we have plenty to keep you entertained for hours on end right here in our debut set “the Convention!”

Remember, each pack is only ONE DOLLAR (about a buck fifty with shipping)! That’s right, a single george washington (the original G.W.) can get you a pack of your very own Geek Fight cards. And with our seven-card-hand version of the game it only takes a single pack for you and a single pack for whichever unlucky friend of yours you decide to destroy for both of you to get a taste of Geek Fight glory!


fight card game So Click Here to enter our shop and be one of the first to get in on the gloriously nerdy Geek Fight Action!!

Dragon Shield Promo Card Officially Released
3 November 2008, Surfeit

Diving Dragon Games is pleased to announce, in association with Arcane Tinmen, the newest Geek Fight promo card: Dragon Shield! You'll soon be able to buy one with credits earned by participating on our forum, so register an account and get to posting!

Production for Set 2 of Geek Fight is currently underway. We'll make a more detailed announcement when we're ready to reveal the particulars of this set, but rest assured it'll be a shocker!

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